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Your hard earned profits must be secured from drive-off losses!

How to prevent drive-offs or failed-to-pay incidents in a few simple Steps?

  • With several years of experience in fuel stations, our team has summarised some simple and cost effective ways to create deterrence for the potential offenders.
  • In Australia and several other countries, drive-off is a criminal offence. You must notify police with all possible evidence, possibly within 5 minutes of the offence, so they can act quickly and nab offenders
  • You must publish the drive-off information to your fellow fuel stations who can assist you in recovering your losses and create deterrence
  •  You must keep track of your failed-to-pay incidents and stay alert to avoid repeat offence. You should also publish this information to your fellow fuel stations so they can remind the customer of a possible offence
  • You must be vigilant for suspected vehicles (e.g. Vehicles with stolen or cancelled plates etc.) and possibly deny post-pay fuel services to avoid losses. Pre-pay fuel services can be offered in such cases to avoid direct confrontation

How do we do it ?

  • Drive-off-alert offers a simple solution on an iPad App that helps you notify police within minutes
  • Drive-off-alert has more than 900 policemen registered for access to incidents reported by Petrol stations. 
  • With drive-off-alert, you can connect to the network of more than 500+ fuel stations actively participating in denying post-pay fuel services to the offenders. System will allow you to publish drive-off or failed-to-pay incidents to everyone in the network within minutes
  •  Drive-off-alert provide a simple mechanism that keeps track of all your losses including failed-to-pay incidents. You can remain vigilant and check for suspected vehicles via our system
  •  Drive-off alert system also provide simple mechanism to look for potential offenders
  • On the other side, system also allow you to look for regular customers, so you can reward them for their loyalty