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Petrol Theft Alert & Prevention

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Reduced incidents with Drive-off-Alert
"35 of our locations use the app and have found it very beneficial in minimising drive offs & failure-to-pays. I would recommend the app to anyone who wants to have better control of their forecourt."
Simon Boardman
Operations AA
We were an early adopter of the Drive Off Alert system. Our Wantirna store saw an immediate reduction on our losses from Drive Off’s and Failure-to-Pay events. I could not recommend this product and the people behind it more highly.
Paul Andronicou
Director, Fast Fuel
"We are using this app combined with their ANPR (Automated number plate recognition) system. We find it very useful and user friendly. Since the trial. we've minimised revenue loss to a great deal. The team behind this technology is awesome. They take any feed back seriously release the updates on a regular basis. Great work guys!"
Kiran Boppana
Manager United Station Westgate Out bound
"The Drive Off Alert Application has been a huge asset to my business. After installing the app, drive offs have been reduced by about 75%! Mal is also very easy to deal with and replies to any troubleshooting matters in a prompt manner. I highly recommend this app."
Manager BP Deer Park
"Drive Off Alert has been a great tool in stoping Drive Offs. After only using the system for few month I've noticed a sharp declined in drive offs. From 3-5 drive offs a week we are now on a maximum of 2 a week. For me this system become a life saver of my business. This is a must in any petrol station. A small cost with big rewards!"
Manager BP Chadstone
I am currently using the Drive Off alert app at my fuel store and it's made a huge difference! It saves time and money and makes life a lot easier. I strongly recommend that every fuel store should use this app!"
Manager 7 Eleven Officer East
"It's a really good tool to save ourselves from fuel theft. It's also a very good tool for identifying repeat customers and provide better service. Love it!"
Srinivas Manchukonda
Manager United Store Drouin VIC
“This is a 5-star tool. I've personally recommended it to few people already. I'm a fan of the app.''
Anand Anne
Manager 7 Eleven Wantirna
“I have two petrol stations, both using the Drive Off Alert app. I feel much safer knowing I can check vehicles registrations or if anyone has driven off before. I highly recommend that all petrol stations get this app. Thanks guys!”
Manager Caltex Chelsea Heights

We work with you to minimize fuel theft
losses and enhance customer experience

Drive Off Alert empowers you with analytics to know your customer, their historical payment behavior and alerts for possible non-payers
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Drive-off-alert include one of the largest networks of petrol stations and is smartly designed to start receiving alerts for repeat & ...
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We offer affordable pricing models that include lease or ownership of the system to suit any Franchise or Commission Agents
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We offer exclusive secured solutions that restrict sharing within the corporate group and allow simple integration with Enterprise applications via API
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Drive-off-alert ANPR is specifically designed for petrol station environment and combines huge data of drive-offs & unpaid incidents to keep you ...
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We are looking for local distributors for the UK and Canada