Petrol Theft Alert & Report System

Australia, New Zealand, UK & Canada

Manual iPad App Solution & Robotic Number Plate Recognition

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Police Access

We are proud to work with law and enforcement agencies to prevent drive offs.

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Choice of Manual iPAD App & Automatic Number Plate Recognition

Choice of ANPR based or Manual Drive Off Alert System

When a suspicious vehicle enters forecourt, simply key in the registration in lookup system to access vehicle's history.

Smart ANPR designed with precision Powered by FUELIC

ANPR DRIVE OFF ALERT App is designed to report and prevent fuel theft. Easy to use with an Apple iPad or iPad Mini, its unique look up feature will put your console operators in control. The smart ANPR Drive Off Alert System incorporates superior analytics that empowers console operator with greater situational awareness

  • Efficient and highly accurate License plate recognition
  • Smart analytics for falsified plates
  • Large database of past offenders across Australia
  • Easy to report incidents
  • Failed to pay incidents management
  • Fully integrated ANPR with Drive-off alert system
  • Get alerted for repeat offenders
  • Large database of vehicles
  • Easy Lookup System to find past details of the vehicle

Drive-off Reporting

Record and report incidents in a few simple steps using DRIVE OFF ALERT with pictures and videos.

Failed-To-Pay Management

Fail to pay incidents reported as shared alerts and can be withdrawn when payment is received.

Look-up and Stop

Ultimate Situational Awareness with the record of number of visits and unpaid incidents.

Monthly Subscription

  • Australia - A$ 25
  • Canada - CAD$ 25
  • New Zealand - NZ$ 30
  • UK – £ 20
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