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  1. A typical fuel station loses at least $100 per month in drive-offs and failed-to-pay incidents.
  2. It’s proven that quick reporting of such incidents increases the chance of recovery by at least by 60%.
  3. With Drive off Alert, you can report incidents in a few clicks which is visible to hundreds of Police officers and nearby Fuel Stations.
  4. Know how you can save your small margins with our powerful Drive-off-alert solution for marginal losses
  1. Considering inflation/appreciation, you are already losing more than $500,000 over the life of a petrol station.
  2. With a fraction of cost, you can not only control the drive-offs but also deter repeat offenders.
  3. Automated ANPR system will help you prevent drive-offs and repeat failed-to-pay incidents.
  4. Know how you can save your significant losses in fuel theft with our Drive-off-alert solution for busy fuel stations

Drive Off Alert is a leading solution provider to combat fuel theft while improving customer experience. It includes a powerful mechanism for Police reporting and a system to alert other fuel stations in the network. It’s based on three principles – Identify, Detect and Deter. System not only saves the fuel stations from potential drive-off, but also provides indicators to identify your regular or new customers, therefore allowing the business to enhance customer experience.

Drive Off Alert empowers your local Police Officers with real time access to the incidents. System allows the fuel stations to create incidents for their own records, notify police officers in real time, and also notify other fuel stations in the network so everyone can deny the postpay fuel to the offenders. It also helps police to identify repeat offenders and trace them in real-time without requiring anyone to store or exchange information in CD or USB.

We offer flexible pricing that can suit a Corporate, franchise or a commission agent. System can utilise the existing hardwares such as camera, PC etc., therefore significantly reducing the cost of the solution. Book an obligation-free demo.

  1. Manual App with Vehicle check & Police Reporting: If your drive-offs or failed-to-pay incidents are more than worth $25 per month, our proven drive-off-alert solution will do wonders and save your small margins
  2. Fully automated Solution integrated with Drive-off-alert: A fully automated solution with Automatic number plate recognition technology is a great choice for busy fuel stations when your losses are significant and taking toll on your profit margins

Drive Off Alert iPad App is a Manual Solution for small and not so busy service stations. No upfront costs involved except buying or using your own Apple iPad or iPad Mini. Also great for trialing it before making the big decision to opt for a full ANPR solution as it also needs the same ipads for the full automation. It has a 30 Day free trial. All you need is an iPad. No payment or commitment required at this stage. In fact we are so confident, we don’t impose any commitment on our customers. You are free to walk away at any stage. No strings attached.

ANPR: Full solution with number plate recognition Technology. It is the best solution for a busy petrol retail environment. If you are planning to stay in the business for next 24 Months, it is the system that will pay for itself. Imagine, never have to worry about fail-to-pays and drive-offs! On top of the worry of who is stealing what when you are not at the site. System will take care of your problems. All you have to do is upload all of your incidents including legacy ones and let the system do the work for you.

  1. Manual iPad App System: Create Petrol Station account on the home page. Once the account is created, open the App Store app in the iPad. Find the search bar on the top right hand corner and type “Drive Off Alert app” with spaces. Click “install” in front of the Drive Off Alert app. Once downloaded, it will prompt for permission to use Geo Location. Click “ok” to the request as it needs the location for drive off incident analysis. It will then prompt for username and password (created in first step) to be entered and accept terms and conditions. It will open the home page with an incident gallery. Then head to the “Look Up” Page where all the action is awaiting you. If you need assistance in this process, feel free to give us a call on +61 3 9016 4224 during business hours, Melbourne, Australian time.
  2. Get a site specific quote on ANPR solution: Call us or email with your location and we will take care from that point. We will be asking you about the availability of IP cameras looking into the entrances and a PC with Min 8GB RAM with i3 or i5 motherboard. If yes then your upfront costs come down drastically. We prefer 2MP IR Starlight or equivalent (PTZ preferred but not a must) in any leading camera brand, Dahua, HikVision etc.. System needs a WiFi router with a minimum of 6 MBPS Internet speed for onsite solution. If you don’t have broadband or access to it, you can use 4G SIM Router with a minimal broadband plan.

Being in charge of retail operations is a stressful undertaking. Petrol drive offs and failed to pay incidents can eat into the profits. It is very unfortunate that theft is a fact and on outset it looks normal and can’t be acted upon. But we at Drive Off Alert believe that It needs a deliberate action plan to disrupt the passive thought process and minimise its impact on the business profitability. And it is very much proven with our existing customers, reducing the problem substantially. It is great that you have decided to act on it, which is exactly what we did making this product having gone through similar experience. You have come to the right place and we promise that you will not be disappointed.