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Drive Off Alert is the first cloud based App for petrol stations, launched in 2015. We have added ANPR technology in August 2018 to meet demand for busy petrol stations.

Drive off Alert Application is an effective loss prevention solution for petrol stations. It fits in nicely whether it is a small, big or busy service station. Thanks to its modular design, The iPad invested in for the app will also work with a full ANPR (Number plate recognition) solution.

The idea of the system is to know your customer in the forecourt before authorising the pump. So when using our system you will have required information and not just the hope that everything will go to the plan. For more information, please contact us.

  • Australia: A thirty day free trial is on offer for new customers and AU $30 per month thereafter.
  • New Zealand: App with up to date stolen car number plate database for only NZ $50 per month with a 30 day trial.

Lookup System

Ultimate Situational Awareness with the record of number of visits and unpaid incidents. It helps prevent drive-offs by checking suspicious registration plates with official state and internal databases.

Drive Off Reporting

Record and report incidents in a few simple steps. App also accepts pictures and videos.

Drive Offs in your area

Keep up to date in real time with the latest incidents in your area. It helps your console operator become familiar with cars and faces involved in incidents.

Failed To Pay Management

Fail to pay incidents reported as shared alerts and can be withdrawn when payment is received.

Tired of losing money to drive-offs?

Drive Off Alert is a Geolocation based fuel theft alert & report system

It is designed to identify and prevent fuel theft. Easy to use with an Apple® iPad® or iPad® Mini, its unique lookup feature will put your console operators in control.

With efficient and accurate database management of reported incidents, it puts repeat offenders under scrutiny.

For Best Results

Place iPad or iPad Mini next to cash register for easy accessibility and usage.

When a suspicious vehicle enters forecourt, simply key in the registration in lookup system to access vehicle’s history