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Number Plate Recognition with Drive Off Alert™

Drive Off Alert™ (DOA) is one of the most popular solutions in Australia to combat fuel theft. With its unique data analytics, it helps fuel stations to prevent drive offs and manage non -payments while providing analytics of the vehicle’s payment behaviour.

With  hundreds  of fuel stations in the network of Drive Off Alert, theft information is securely shared, keeping service stations alert for any past incidents. The system also alerts operators of vehicles with possible cancelled/ suspended/ stolen / expired plates.

DOA  is integrated  with Fuelic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR), that is based on state-of-the-art video processing technology and complex algorithms which provide highly accurate license plate number reads. The colour, make and model of the vehicle can also be determined by our latest vehicle recognition engine.

Fuelic ANPR is a highly reliable and feature-rich, working optimally in different weather conditions, as well as being capable of detecting number plates of fast moving vehicles    with high accuracy. 

Note: If you have already invested in an off the shelf ANPR like Dahua or HikVision, We can integrate it with Drive Off Alert system to bring you the full benefits and cost savings.


Creative Design

Modular design allows hardware to work with full efficacy. Latest Cloud data engineering results in exceptional speed of delivery.

Unique Solution

Drive Off Alert is a first of its kind in the market - a system with a wide range of data points to provide unparalleled situational awareness.

Return on Investment

Drive off Alert provides excellent return on investment, as well as enhancing customer and operator experience.
ANPR Drive off Alert

Superior Analytics & Robust Performance at an Affordable cost

ANPR Drive Off Alert System™ with superior analytics, empowers console operators with greater situational awareness. It’s a cloud based platform that shares drive-off incidents within a wide network while completely restricting any other data access, therefore making private business data highly secured.